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Regardless of industry, size or location, all organisations today are at risk of cyber-attack; our aim is to defend your business and make every part of your business resilient .
We provide cyber security, digital forensics and incident response, data recovery and real-time threat prevention.
Each solution is designed in close collaboration with our customers to understand their needs and deliver solutions that are relevant to their requirements.
If you need rapid intervention or want to improve the security of your systems, don't hesitate to contact us.


A common characteristic of IT problems is that they are 'silent' until they reveal themselves and cause maximum damage. Being 'silent' does not mean that things are not happening... it just means that users have no evidence of them. The purpose of predictive monitoring and log management systems is to analyse performance and events during the normal use of systems and to detect / notify any potential or actual anomalies.
Today, monitoring systems are one of the most important tools for ensuring business resilience.


EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response – is an endpoint security solution that includes real-time monitoring and collection of security data through an automated threat response mechanism.
The term “endpoint” refers to all devices that connect to the corporate network, and their real-time protection from malicious actions by cyber criminals is critical.
EUROSYSTEM2000 resells, installs and manages SentinelOne's "Singularity" platform, which is internationally recognised as one of the best protection solutions currently available.


Placed at the entrance to corporate networks, firewalls are the first line of defence for data. Proper configuration and maintenance are critical to preventing malicious attackers from penetrating the organisation's digital perimeter. Often these devices are present but not up to the task, mainly due to a lack of monitoring of their operation, or due to misconfiguration or obsolescence of the hardware itself.

BACKUP & Disaster Recovery

Backup solutions are essential to protect your data from the unexpected (hardware failures, cyber-attacks, human error, etc.). Almost all companies believe they have a good backup system in place, but in reality this is very often not the case, and the moment you realise this is when the need to recover data from the backup itself arises.
Professional backup solutions should be encrypted, replicated in real time (possibly in the cloud), have the ability to recover any file at any time in the past (retention), have specified recovery times, be carefully documented and finally be cyclically verified with random recovery tests.
If you are interested in implementing backup solutions with these features, do not hesitate to contact us.


A data breach is a common phenomenon with unpleasant consequences. A data breach involves the attacked party notifying the privacy guarantor within 72 hours.
Protecting sensitive data from data breach attacks and being compliant with the entire GDPR policy is an important fulfilment for companies today. EUROSYSTEM2000, in collaboration with privacy specialists (lawyers, DPOs and consultants), has created a unified task force to offer its customers the highest level of protection.
If you are interested, you can request our dedicated consultancy.