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Service management of consortium companies

Large volumes can become a problem when you are not supported by innovative and integrated solutions.


Consorzio Progresso, partner of the leading companies in the telecommunications sector, needed to organise more than 10,000 interventions per month in a unified and shared way. It was looking for a system capable of handling large volumes of activity, with the aim of automating the many redundant and manually managed workflows. Stock management, traceability of installed equipment, mass recording of activities to be planned and automatic accounting were the main challenges to be overcome.


With the Assist management system, the customer has a system capable of managing and centralising a large amount of data relating to 15 consortium companies, on dozens of client brand companies. The first implementation carried out involved the development of a dynamic system for the mass loading from Excel sheets relating to files downloaded from the clients’ respective portals. Thanks to an advanced intervention planning system, managers now have a tool to better organise the agendas of more than 120 technicians in the field. The Assist mobile app for installation management allows technicians to communicate in real time the completion of the activities carried out, with the correct indication of the materials used according to the reference brand. Inventory, invoicing and technician production are thus automatically fed to speed up and streamline the work of the back office, freeing up important resources for more productive activities.


By using the tools provided by Assist, the company has significantly reduced the time it takes to manage files, automated and digitised processes which were previously done manually, and reduced the risk of error when sorting branded equipment. At the same time, it has achieved important results in the operational analysis of the company’s business through the introduction of an incentive system for technicians aimed at improving the quality of the services offered.


The key tools that EUROSYSTEM2000 used to successfully complete this project are: